The Tobi Adeyemi Foundation Golf Classic


Since its inception in 2014, 20 to 30 golfers have gathered together in the first week of May to play a round of golf at a first class golf course in Surrey, England. Golfers are joined by other guests for a 3 course dinner, prize giving, fundraising through raffle and auction. This event is aptly summed up by the poem written by Dr Ayonrinde in 2016.

You are all welcome to join us at the next Tobi Adeyemi Foundation Golf Classic & Spring Dinner on 5th May, 2022.

A Golf Poem
by Dr Deji Ayonrinde

What’s so cool about a hole in one?
Surely, it’s the playing and having fun
A birdie, an eagle or an albatross
To non-golfers …what is all that fuss?

So, you’ve teed off in search of the putt
All that effort and still missed the cut
You blame the club …you curse the wind
Others watch and smile at your awkward swing

Bunker to bunker you let the ball fly
Your swing seems suited to the sands of Dubai
But there’s more to golf than all this strife
The eighteen holes are rich in lessons of life

Drive, approach, chip, double…and triple bogey
What do you need to do to get that elusive birdie?
Woods and different irons you start to deploy
None of the fancy strategies give you joy

Patience, concentration, hole by hole
Life is full of surprises that continue to unfold
How could you land in a bunker with such a carefully aimed ball?
A gust of wind, dazzling sunlight and then you stumble and fall

What do you do to lower this painful handicap?
Could you really be one of the worst golfers on the map?
Par…par, par, par, par, par …par!
Pretty impressive yet some say it won’t get you far

Resilience belies this great game of golf
Sun, wind and rain as you improve how you tee off
Out of the bunker and onto the putting green
Steady nerves, careful focus…Yes!! What a dream!

So why are we all gathered here today?
Sunshine, golf, dinner and raffle some would say
Beyond the fine wine, networking and relentless banter
There is a greater purpose than laughter and lively encounter

Let us carefully reflect on Tobi’s round of golf
An early hole-in-one, birdie and amazing eagle to be proud of
However, Tobi never got to play the 18th hole
He left us this Foundation to fulfil his goal

Ladies and gentlemen as we take time to quietly ponder
Let’s give generously and help a child to wonder….
“Will I complete a round of golf with my scholarly life?”
We shall endeavour to support you through your hardship, challenges and strife

This was Tobi’s vision, dream, and aspiration for you
Talented scholar…work hard and do your very best whatever you do
From the Tobi Adeyemi Foundation to you all
Please think of life’s encoded messages when you hit that ball.